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When Overtaken by Gray Clouds

Have you, or a loved one, ever experienced any dark clouds in your life? People experiencing relationship difficulties, financial troubles, or health issues might feel like darkness is encroaching upon them.

I love the sunshine because it matches my personality. But while living in Japan I experienced storms which brought dark clouds  into my sunshine. A Japanese friend in her forties passed away from liver cancer. I had shared Jesus with her often. A week before she  died I went to the hospital and asked her to trust in Jesus as her Savior. She politely refused saying she would rather spend eternity with her Buddhist relatives. I was devasted and nothing could comfort me.

The Lord’s love pulled me out of my slump at my father’s funeral in 1989, of all places. I got my sunny disposition from my father. He chose not to see any dark clouds in his life. He only saw God’s faithfuless and help. God helped me reclaim my legacy and continue being a positive and hopeful person.

As I wrote Clouds Gray I knew that the main character, Eiko, would also have to endure some tough times so that God could help her grow to be more like Him. It was important for what God wanted to do in Eiko’s life, just as it was important for Him to bring trials in my life so He could accomplish His plan for me.

As you read Clouds Gray I pray that you will experience God’s comfort as He works through any difficult things in your life. God is merciful and kind!

For His Glory!

About Clouds Gray –

Eiko’s dream of living on her own in Tokyo has been a dream come true. The bright lights and big-city atmosphere make her feel more at home with who she is as a person. At twenty-two years old, she is grateful for her small, but convenient apartment, her bustling workplace environment, and the close friends she has made.

But after the recent death of her beloved papa, Eiko has mixed emotions as she prepares to return home to Sapporo for the New Year’s holiday. She prays the time spent together with her mother and brother will bring healing and hope. Eiko has discovered new life in Christ and radiates God’s love. She longs to share the story of how she met the Lord and how much He means to her.

In Clouds Grey, Eiko encounters trials that test her new faith. Mother’s emotional brokenness, her brother’s personal problems, and the separation from her friends in Tokyo, including a special friend named Satoh, is weighing heavily on Eiko’s heart and mind. But her most challenging trial is yet to come.

Will Eiko collapse under these stressful situations? Will she rise to overcome this dark, stormy season of her life? How will her relationship and life with Christ help her?

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