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Waiting on Answers To Our Prayers

In my novel, Sky Blue, Eiko leaves a prayer tablet at the Buddhist temple for her papa’s healing.

(page 55) “Turning around, Eiko saw the small building where wooden prayer tablets could be purchased. She waited in line until reaching the counter where she could look through the different prayers to find one that met her mother’s expectations. After reading several she found one that seemed appropriate–a prayer tablet for someone close to death.

She opened her purse and realized she had just enough money to purchase it. (That was sure lucky, she thought. What if she had not had enough money and returned home disappointed?)

Eiko touched the little wooden tablet with her fingers. She took out a pen and wrote her papa’s name and the date on the back. Then she looked at the board where all of the prayers were posted. Her eyes carefully picked the spot where she wanted to tie hers. She noticed several prayers for good grades, a desire for a child or more income, and a wish to be married. But the spot she decided best was next to several prayers for the sick. (Papa is in good company, she thought. If one gets well, maybe they all will.)

Eiko was surprised when a Christian friend offered to enlist the church members to pray for her papa. Later, Eiko’s heart was warmed when she heard their kind prayers for her papa and her family. If only Eiko could have the same confidence in Creator God that the others did. She wanted to believe that He was listening and would help her in ways she couldn’t even imagine at that moment. But time would tell…and she was willing to wait. (page 110)

Sadly, Eiko’s papa passed away and she didn’t know what to think. “Papa dying does not exactly show God’s love for me,” she told a Christian friend named Hope.

(page 125) “Eiko, I wouldn’t give up on God just yet,” Hope said.”God is always loving. Sometimes we don’t understand ‘how’ He is loving, especially when sad things happen to us. The Bible says that He shows His love to us by never leaving us alone. He is always with us in sad times and happy times.”

“Why is it that God does not heal everyone who gets prayed for? Eiko asked.

Hope leaned forward and laid her hand on Eiko’s arm. “It’s because He has a master plan. We must believe that He is always working things out for our good. That requires faith, and faith pleases God. Prayer softens our hearts, so that we can accept His answers to our requests.”

Philippians 4:6 “Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God.”

For His glory,

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