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126 Thank-Yous

I asked my publisher’s assistant for an update on Sky Blue since its May 23rd release on Amazon Kindle.

From Tuesday, the 23rd, until Friday, the 26th, 15 (fifteen) copies of Sky Blue were purchased.

I was informed on Friday evening, the 26th, that Sky Blue would be listed on Amazon Kindle for free downloads all day Saturday, the 27th. The result was 97 (ninety-seven) free downloads.

An additional five (5) people read Sky Blue as part of the Kindle Unlimited monthly subscription plan.

Also, nine (9) people pre-ordered Clouds Gray for an August 17th delivery.

This is my first experience as an author so I am very pleased. Thank you 126 times!! One thank you to everyone who downloaded the book. Some of you have already finished reading the book and others are just now reading it. Some plan on reading it over the summer.

A very special “arigatou” to eight (8) readers of the 126 total who downloaded it and, who also took the time to write a (very appreciated) review of Sky Blue on Amazon Kindle.

To God be the Glory!

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