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Sky Blue Trilogy

Sky Blue Synopsis

Twenty-two year old Eiko, a recent university graduate from Sapporo, is thrilled to be living on her own in the metropolis of Tokyo in 1993. Desiring to fulfill her personal dream of experiencing exciting, new adventures in the big city gave her the strength and courage to leave behind all that she knew and loved–the beauty of Hokkaido, her parents, and an older brother. However, at that time, she couldn’t have imagined the challenging adventures that lay ahead in her first year. In fact, the very core of her worldview would come head-to-head with life-changing results. Will Eiko survive and thrive in her new life in Tokyo? Or, will the disappointments and stress make her choose to return to Sapporo to live out her life? Sky Blue is the first book in a trilogy which follows Eiko’s story of courage, adventure, and faith.

Behind the Scenes of Sky Blue Trilogy

The Sky Blue Trilogy begins with the first book, Sky Blue, which I finished in 2014. In 2015, I met Kathi Macias at a Christian writer’s conference in Southern California. Little did I know then that God would use her mightily in His plan to get Sky Blue published. She was a keynote speaker at the conference that year in addition to teaching several seminars and doing consultations with attenders.

I was drawn to her after hearing her powerful testimony of how God has worked in her life through her gift of writing. As a newbie, I was all ears. I thought in the back of my mind that getting to know her better would be a gift from God.

Later, I went to the section of the book table where Kathi’s books were displayed. I had enough cash to purchase just one of her books. I picked up each one and looked through them. The were all eye-catching, but one book seemed to be saying, “Pick me! Pick me!” It was Red Ink from Kathi’s Extreme Devotion Series. Set in China, the main character goes through severe trials for her faith in Jesus. Through it all, God comforts her and leads her to trust in Him even more. In the end, God not only rewards her faith but makes sure that it has impacted those around her.

When I got the book autographed at the conference, Kathi invited me to send an email and tell her what I thought. Several weeks later I wrote her and told her that we had similar hearts. I listed several things that Red Ink and Sky Blue had in common. She responded by asking to read my manuscript. From that moment until now is such a miracle of God’s grace in my life. From a simple wish to get to know her better, God has provided a mentor and friend who has taught me so much. She is the one who suggested literary agent, Jim Hart, at Hartline Literary Agency to help find a path to publication. In the meantime, the Lord has helped me write book two, Clouds Grey. Both books will be published by White Glove in 2017. By fall of this year, the final book, Bamboo Green, will be published and the trilogy finished.

To God be the Glory, great things He has done!

[Kathi is an award-winning author of over fifty books. To learn more visit]

[For more info about Jim Hart visit]

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  1. Karol, thank you so much for your kind words! It has been a joy to get to know you and to work with you on getting these books published. Multiplied blessings to you always!

  2. Amanda Amanda

    I cannot wait to read the entire trilogy! Stories teach us so much, and I am looking forward to diving deeper into God’s love with Eiko.

  3. Cherrol Allan Cherrol Allan

    Such exciting news Karol! So happy for you.

  4. Bill Whaley Bill Whaley

    Karol, as an avid reader, I am very intrigued by your story line. Since I know you and YOUR walk in faith, I know these books will honor and glorify Christ. Philippians 1:3-6

  5. Kelly Marley Kelly Marley

    Congratulations, Karol!! I can’t wait to read your books! What an amazing story of how this publication came about. God is so good. 🙂

  6. Maria Maria

    Well I been praying for something to read; these books must be it; I can’t wait

  7. Joy Joy

    Growing up in Japan, these books are so “natsukashi.” Reminds me of life and memories there. Karol’s written in a way that really shows off the culture and highlights God’s love for people everywhere. Have read the first. Can’t wait for the 2nd and 3rd.

  8. Sheryl Oda Sheryl Oda

    Karol, this is such exciting news and a witness to how God’s hand moves in our lives! Can’t wait to read your books! Thanks to Joy for posting about this on FB!

  9. Cindy Reynolds Cindy Reynolds

    Karol’s love for people and love for the Japanese people will make these books an amazing story honoring God. Can’t wait to read them!

  10. Jerrie Anne Salvato Jerrie Anne Salvato

    Wow this is so great Karol! So proud of you. I loved my time in Hokkaido with y’all. Bless you !

  11. Susan L Susan L

    So excited for you, Karol! 🙂

  12. Karol Whaley Karol Whaley

    Thank you for all of your kind thoughts and words of encouragement.

  13. Lana O Lana O

    Karol, I remember you sharing your desire to write books after you retired and you have now reached that goal!! I imagine these three are only the beginning of a long line of stores that will flow from your vivid imagination via your pen (computer). I know they will be well worth the read. I bought Kathi’s RED INK and read it in one sitting, praying for the people of China and their needs as well as for people here who have moved to new homes in assisted living. I’m looking forward to reading Sky Blue.. I noticed Blake Western just published his second book as well, so Hokkaido must be great preparation for becoming an author!!!! Blessings.

  14. Nancy Campbell Nancy Campbell

    Karol, I’m just reading about your books for the first time, but I’m already so excited to read them! I know of no one better suited for the job of writing about Japan and the sweet people who call it home!!

  15. Rachel Rachel

    Ooh can’t wait Aunty Karol!! I’m so excited to read your books!!!

  16. Sandi Sandi

    Hi Karol! How exciting. . . A new path in God’s Plan for your life! I can’t wait to start reading your trilogy! I so enjoy reading this genre — faith-based novels , as well as learning about a different country’s cultures, history & lifestyles! Looking forward to begin. “My journey” is in your writings. God bless you!

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