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Japanese ‘Cute’

Since the 1970’s the Japanese culture of ‘cuteness’ has grown into a multi-million enterprise with global influence. There is a chain of stores in the USA called Daiso Japan selling all kinds of ‘cute’ products from Japan. For only $1.50 I purchased a package of three ‘net sponges with embroidery’ as labled on the outer package.

Washing dishes can be a chore that some might want to ‘put off’ for awhile or ignore entirely. Bring the smiley-face sponge into your kitchen and see if there is not a change in attitude. Personally, I can say my hand-washed dishes never looked more clean and beautiful than after using my ‘cute’ sponge. Not to mention, whenever I was tempted to frown, just glancing at the emroidered smiley-face sponge caused my wide smile to return.

The Japanese word for ‘cute’ is ‘kawaii’ (rhymes with Hawaii). Even though the culture of ‘cuteness’ brings some momentary happiness, Japanese life is stressful because of intense pressure to succeed.

People worldwide¬†are also stressed with their own circumstances in life. However, Jesus Christ’s unconditional ‘agape’ love can comfort and cleanse everyone who is weary and worried. He is waiting for us to call out to Him in prayer. The Savior’s ‘agape’ love transforms people from the inside out. He is the One who puts joy in the hearts of those who trust in Him even when the circumstances of life are stressful.

I know this personally to be true. How about you? Real joy is only a prayer away.

For His Glory!

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  1. Cherrol Allan Cherrol Allan

    This is beautiful!

    • Karol Whaley Karol Whaley

      Thank you for reading and posting, Cherrol. Have a great week. – Karol

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