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God’s Amazing Ways

“Lord , you are my God; I will exalt you and praise your name, for in perfect faithfulness you have done wonderful things, things planned long ago.”
Isaiah 25:1 NIV

Some people have asked me, “How did you end up in Japan?” I think the Bible verse above gives the answer. God had a plan long ago before I was born. He sent my father to Japan in 1950 as a Chaplain in the United States Air Force. His job was to provide spiritual guidance and encouragement to members of the US military stationed there.

My father completed his assignments on base through the chapel program but he also traveled by local trains to smaller bases outside of Tokyo where there was no assigned Chaplain. He was experiencing the culture at a deep level and fell in love with the people of Japan. Being only 5 ‘1″ made him an unusual American and more like them.

It was his privilege to lead Bible studies with local Japanese and meet with their Christian pastors. At that time my father also met with missionaries serving in Japan and got invited to their annual meeting. He took lots of photos of everything he did which were stored for years without viewing.

After nine years of being married to my husband and serving churches in America we felt God leading us to become missionaries and partner with Japanese pastors to start churches. At that time, more than thirty years had passed since my father had lived in Japan.

A few years later when we were visiting my parents in the USA my father’s photos were brought out of storage. As my husband and I studied the old photos we saw familiar locations we had visited and a pastor in the photo we knew, along with several of the veteran missionaries we served with. God’s ways are truly amazing!

What has God done, or is doing in your life that He planned long before you were born? He is faithful, and loves to surprise us.

To God be the glory!

Karol <><

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