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Eiko san, the main character of Sky Blue, asks her Christian coworker and friend Sayuri san a question that has been on her mind. Below is the question and Sayuri’s answer from pages 90 and 91 in the book.


Eiko took a deep breath and plunged forward. “The preacher said in his message that Jesus is a Friend of sinners, and then a soloist sang, ‘What a Friend We Have in Jesus.’ You are a Christian, Sayuri. I want to know if this is true. Why would Jesus want to be friends with bad people?”

“Eiko,” Sayuri said, “that is a good question. The Bible tells us that God is a very loving God. He made the world, with everything in it, for us to enjoy. Everything God made was good. But when God made the first people, Adam and Eve, the Bible says it was very good. He loved humans from the beginning. One very important part of His love is giving us free will to make our own choices. Creator God wanted people to choose to love Him, rather than be forced to love Him. Adam and Eve hurt God with their choices. God is holy and just, so He had to punish them for their disobedience, but He still loved them. Sadly, they did not love Him in return. Ever since that time, just like Adam and Eve, everyone has done the same. We have all fallen short of God’s glory. We have all hurt God by our selfish and sinful choices. All people are guilty of sin, Eiko–including you and me.”

Eiko considered her friend’s words before answering. “So it is a good thing that Jesus loves sinners because all of us are sinners…”

Sayuri’s face lit up. “Exactly! God’s love includes everybody. He still–even after all the hurt He receives–wants to have relationship with the people He made. We are here on earth because He created us. He gave us physical life, but His desire is to give us spiritual life. To show us how to do that, Jesus, God’s only Son, came down from heaven to live among us. He taught everything the Father had shared with Him to those who would listen. Then He died on the Cross for us, taking our punishment so we could be set free from our sin and guilt. The Bible says Jesus had no sin, but He took everyone’s sins upon Himself, upon His body. After three days in the tomb, He rose from the dead so that we, too, can live with Him forever in heaven after our days on earth are over. He saves all those who admit they are sinners and trust in Jesus as their Savior and Lord.”


So, the truth is this–God loved the world so much that He sent Jesus to all of us–every tribe and nation; every people group and individual; and to you and I, too. This truth is being shared in languages all around the world by people whose hearts have been made alive by Jesus.

The Bible says in Ephesians 2:5 that we are made alive in Christ. “Though we were spiritually dead because of the things we did against God, He gave us new life with Christ. You have been saved by God’s grace.” ❤

Salvation/new life–a precious and sacrificial gift from Jesus Christ–is available for the asking. It’s a simple promise. If anyone gives Jesus Christ his/her old, decaying, sinful heart…Jesus Christ will give him/her a beautiful, clean heart which is alive in Him. Oh, what indescribable joy!

For His Glory,


God loved the world so much that He gave His one and only Son so that whoever believes in Him may not be lost, but have etetnal life.

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