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Do you know anyone who is lost?

Have you ever been lost? Realizing you are lost can be a traumatic experience. It can stir up fear, doubt, and sadness while wondering “what if” scenarios. What if my being lost is permament?

The greater Tokyo metro area includes 35 million people in three prefectures. One day many years ago I was in a van following behind my husband in another van on one of the freeways in a crowded downtown area of Tokyo. I had sight of his van until a large vehicle and then another vehicle got between us. I knew the exit was coming up soon but I had no idea which one and the van my husband was driving was nowhere to be seen. I said a quick prayer and chose an exit which took me down to a busy street. Feeling very lost and desparate, I drove down the street through two signal lights and then saw the most glorious sight. My husband’s van was pulled off on the side of the road while waiting in hopes that I had exited at the right spot. I will never forget that wonderful feeling of being “found”. With much joy and peace I was then able to follow him safely to our destination.

The Bible has a lot to say about lostness. Lostness affects anyone/everyone who has not yet heard the Good News of Jesus Christ or who refuses His truth and grace. We were all that way once. But the Bible says in Luke 19:10 that Jesus, God’s perfect Son, came to earth to seek and to save those who were lost. That is all of us. The Bible also refers to Jesus as the Good Shepherd. In Luke 15 the parable of the lost sheep is told.

On pages thirty-eight & thirty-nine in my first book, Sky Blue, Sayuri is sharing her personal story of how she became a follower of Jesus Christ with her co-worker, and friend, Eiko.

Afterwards Eiko tells Sayuri, “What you have shared is very touching. It seems as if the Christian God was searching for you as a lost sheep before you ever knew you had a Good Shepherd who loves you.”

If you are interested in Sayuri’s story and how it affected Eiko you can read more from the book.

With Jesus as our Shepherd, we never have to feel lonely, afraid, or desparate. He is always with us, helping us to get to our destination.

Thoughts From a Lost Sheep

I can’t move. I hurt all over.

*Why did I leave the herd?

I’m too tired. I feel hungry.

*Why can’t I find the others?

I’m sad. I feel hopeless.

*Where are my sisters and brothers?

+ + +

*Is that a shepherd I see coming in the distance?

I can’t move. I hurt all over.

*Why is He coming towards me?

I’m too tired. I feel hungry.

*Is that food He has tucked under His arm?

I’m hopeful. He is getting much closer.

+ + +

He gives me a cool drink and some food.

*Why is He so kind to me?

He removes my heavy coat and bandages my wounds.

*Why is this shepherd so eager to help me?

He puts me up on His shoulders and carries me home with Him.

I am not lonely anymore.

I gladly lay my head down and rest in His love.

+ + +

For His Glory,


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    Encouraging words! 🙂

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