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It has been eight years since we retired, and returned to the States. By far, the experience both my husband and I miss the most is worshiping with our Japanese brothers and sisters in Christ. Singing worship songs in Japanese fills our hearts to overflowing.

Some of you have visited Japan or shown an interest in Japanese culture. If you fall into that group, please read on.

I connected recently with an American Christian worker in Japan who saw a need several years ago to produce three Japanese worship song DVD’s with the help from well-known Japanese musicians.

I recently purchased the 2010 Japan Video Praise-Volume 2 DVD by Light4Japan Productions and was blessed beyond measure listening to 12 beautiful worship songs in Japanese! Eight well-known songs such as Shout to the Lord, Blessed Be the Name, and Power of Your Love have been translated and included along with four original Japanese songs. On-screen lyrics are in Japanese or Romanji (Japanese words written in our alphabet). Beautiful nature scenes and lovely faces from Japan and locations outside Japan provide a visual backdrop to inspire worship of our Lord while embracing His love for us. This DVD series is great for small groups of Japanese or individuals who are interested in worshiping the Lord through song in Japanese.

Each DVD is $25 which is nominal compared to the cost of airfare to visit Japan and participate in church worship in Japanese. Hearing the Lord praised in another language is a special experience. When that language is Japanese-to us-it is full of powerful emotions. <><

For His Glory

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