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About Me

I’m a native Californian with a passion to write for God’s glory. I am motivated by the scripture, “For all things were created by him, and all things exist through him and for him. To God be the glory for ever! Amen.” Romans 11:36, (GNB). The truth is, I don’t have anything of my own worth sharing except for what He has graciously given me – an abiding love from Him that is deep and wide, a lifetime of teachable experiences, a limitless spark of creativity, and lots of time in retirement to lavish love upon Him.

As an elementary school girl I had the dream of writing a book someday. That dream was pushed aside as I gave my life to Jesus Christ at the age of twelve. Praying often in those days while asking the Lord to show me His good plan for my life resulted in a surprise direction I had not conceived.

I knew that I wanted to serve the Lord through His church the rest of my days so the Lord gave me a husband who also had that conviction. We met as young teenagers and married while in college. The Lord blessed us with two children, a daughter first, and then a son. I had a deep love from God for children which led me on the path of becoming an elementary school teacher. My husband’s call to preach the Good News led him from part-time staff positions at church until becoming the pastor of a church in the four corners area of Colorado.

We were enjoying every part of our lives including our family and our work environments when a holy restlessness stirred within us and made us feel that change was in our future. God confronted us with the spiritual needs of the world while my husband was in seminary. People around the world who had never heard the name of Jesus or learned that His love for them was real and tangible were waiting to hear the Good News. And, then, we heard God’s whisper. “Will you go and make me known to a people group in the world where I plan to do a great work?”

We accepted the Lord’s plan for our lives and moved to Japan to work with Japanese in the mid-1980’s. After twenty-six years of ministry we felt the Lord calling us back to California. One of the first things that came to mind was writing a book. After several years of praying while working at it in sections, my Sky Blue trilogy has been completed, published by White Glove and is available via Kindle Books (SKY BLUE, CLOUDS GRAY, BAMBOO GREEN). It is amazing to me that now with my gray hair showing my age, the Lord in His kindness had a plan to fulfill my dream from my elementary school days. Sometimes I think of God’s humor in that it took twenty-six years of research to write the Sky Blue trilogy. To God be the Glory !!