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SKY BLUE debuts in May!

This year, the cherry blossoms in Tokyo are in full bloom from today, April 2, through the 11th. The northern island of Hokkaido will experience the peak of cherry blossom season from May 4-11th. It is definitely a favorite time of the year for everyone. There is a special word, ohanami, that means viewing cherry blossoms.

Japanese people love to plan a picnic or outdoor party under the cherry trees to be close to the beautiful symbol of life. Each blossom lasts around two weeks before it falls, reminding us how brief, but beautiful, life is. During this season is when Sky Blue will “fall” into the hands of readers. Hopefully, readers will learn how to have  a beautiful life, full of meaning and purpose. To God be the Glory!

Here are some topics covered in Sky Blue as you look forward to it’s release:

  • Moving away from home.
  • Loneliness/making new friends.
  • New job/learning culture at workplace.
  • Apt living/learning way around new neighborhood.
  • Riding on Japanese trains & planes.
  • Buddhist & Shinto culture, animism.
  • Japanese foods & words/phrases.
  • Miscarriage, adoption.
  • Medical emergencies, suicide.
  • Wakes, funerals, & cremation.
  • Alcohol, salarymen lifestyle.
  • Evolution, creation.
  • Family relationships, stress.
  • Japanese uniqueness, TV dramas.
  • Temple culture/prayer tablets.
  • Mountain retreat, difficult decisions.
  • Fish market, business culture.
  • Guilt/forgiveness, depression.
  • Japanese gift giving, Christmas.
  • Death of a family member, elderly.
  • First encounter with a foreigner.
  • God’s heart for all people/God’s miraculous ways.
  • God’s living Word, testimonies of His grace.
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  1. Amanda Amanda

    My book club is excited to read Sky Blue!

    • Joy E Sprankle Joy E Sprankle

      Great idea!

  2. Thank you for sharing your devotion in the Upper Room. It spoke to my heart. Congrats to you on the upcoming release of Sky Blue.! Wishing you all the best in your new adventure in publishing.
    Janet Glaser writing as JQ Rose

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